Homemade Face Wipes

This post goes along with the one I just posted about my homemade face wash. I made these wipes again to help clear my face. I wash my face in the morning with the face wash and at night I use these to clean my face. I like anything fast, easy, and efficient when it comes to getting ready for bed. By bedtime I’m tired and I’m just ready to go sleep. That is what makes these wipes so great. I do a couple of quick swipes around the face with one wipe and Voila I’m done. I don’t recommend using  these to take off eye make though. I tried it and it did not work so well for me. I ended up using eye make up remover. These were very simple to make and I had everything on hand except for the Bounty Napkins. Make sure if you are going to make these you get Bounty Napkins! They are thick and will hold up for what you are using them for. The cheap off brand napkins will fall apart. I did a little research for my skin type on the internet to find out which essential oils are good for combination skin types and breakouts to customize my wipes.

Here is the link to check out how to makes these wipes  http://campwander.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/make-your-own-beauty-swipes-cleanse.html

These are mine, and like I said I customized mine using different essential oils. I added a few drops of  tea tree oil, thieves, and lemongrass to the original recipe


What you will need

Empty baby wipe container

Bounty Napkins (22 cut in half to make a total of 44)

Rubbing Alcohol


Coconut Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil

And any other Essential Oils you would like to add

1  1/2 C. very warm water (to melt coconut oil)
1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
1 teaspoon Rubbing Alcohol (for emulsion)
3 drops Lavender EO
3 drops Lemon EO
Add 3 drops of any additional oils to customize now

Pour the fragrant coconut water around the stack of napkins slowly…giving the liquid enough time to soak in.  You may want to turn the box upside down for a few minutes for even soaking too.


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