DIY Christmas Presents

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!! I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas so far!! My Christmas morning was awesome!! We had a big breakfast followed by opening presents which brings me to this post. A few weeks ago I posted a blog about how I made half of my presents this year and how excited I was and couldn’t spill the beans early!!! WELL, Now I can because all the presents are opened and accounted for!!!! 🙂

For my Comic Book fans in the family which are the men in the family. I made slippers and a chair covered in comics. My aunt got a basket of homemade goodies. Inside the basket was lavender peppermint body scrub, cocoa butter lavender peppermint lotion, lavender silk hand scrub, brown sugar lemon lip scrub (everything was made with natural ingredients and essential oils), and I threw in a pair of shea butter infused socks!!









I am very excited that everyone loved their presents!!!! Sometimes, homemade is the way to go!! LOL

Merry Christmas again everyone and enjoy the rest of your day!!!!

Love, Stephanie


2 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Presents

  1. Steph’s homemade gifts are super awesome!! I love my gift and so does her pajunvle! Homemade is definitely the way to go. Thanks Steph!!

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