Make it yourself gifts

Well this year has been rough for me financially, but I won’t let that stop me from giving this holiday season. I decided to make almost all of my Christmas presents this year and keep it very low on the pocket. I had to cut the amount down by almost 50%, give or take a few here and there. I am very proud of what I did and excited about the gifts. I can’t wait to give them. I can’t spill the beans just yet obviously, but I have been taking pictures of my projects and will post them after Christmas in my DIY category, so everyone can take a look at what I have made. I hope you guys won’t let financial issues keep you from gifting. Sometimes homemade gifts are the best ones, even if they are small and less expensive. You still have time, Happy Gift Making!!!

Love, Stephanie


One thought on “Make it yourself gifts

  1. I have seen pics of some of them and they are awesome! I know of one person especially who will name his gift from Steph as his best gift received! Great job sniece!

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