DIY Christmas Presents

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!! I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas so far!! My Christmas morning was awesome!! We had a big breakfast followed by opening presents which brings me to this post. A few weeks ago I posted a blog about how I made half of my presents this year and how excited I was and couldn’t spill the beans early!!! WELL, Now I can because all the presents are opened and accounted for!!!! 🙂

For my Comic Book fans in the family which are the men in the family. I made slippers and a chair covered in comics. My aunt got a basket of homemade goodies. Inside the basket was lavender peppermint body scrub, cocoa butter lavender peppermint lotion, lavender silk hand scrub, brown sugar lemon lip scrub (everything was made with natural ingredients and essential oils), and I threw in a pair of shea butter infused socks!!









I am very excited that everyone loved their presents!!!! Sometimes, homemade is the way to go!! LOL

Merry Christmas again everyone and enjoy the rest of your day!!!!

Love, Stephanie


Make it yourself gifts

Well this year has been rough for me financially, but I won’t let that stop me from giving this holiday season. I decided to make almost all of my Christmas presents this year and keep it very low on the pocket. I had to cut the amount down by almost 50%, give or take a few here and there. I am very proud of what I did and excited about the gifts. I can’t wait to give them. I can’t spill the beans just yet obviously, but I have been taking pictures of my projects and will post them after Christmas in my DIY category, so everyone can take a look at what I have made. I hope you guys won’t let financial issues keep you from gifting. Sometimes homemade gifts are the best ones, even if they are small and less expensive. You still have time, Happy Gift Making!!!

Love, Stephanie

Comic Book Coasters

My brother’s birthday is tomorrow and I needed to get him a present. I was low on cash so I decided to do a DIY gift I found on Pinterest. It was Comic Book Coasters. He loves Ironman and he loves Super Heroes and comics just generally speaking. We don’t have coasters and he brings his drinks into his room all the time so what better gift to make then Ironman Coasters!!! They were very easy to make and relatively inexpensive. I live near a comic bookstore. I went there yesterday and took a look around just to see what I could find. The comics were not expensive from what I could see they started at about $2.50 and went up from there. As, I strolled around the store I hit the jackpot!!! They had a dollar section towards the back of the store!! Well as we know it didn’t take much thought about what to do next. I went in the room and did some searching. It was a mess back there, what do you expect for a dollar. I had some time to look and SCORE!! I came across an Ironman Comic Book!! I checked out and went on a journey for everything else I needed to get my project done. Oh and for the record, coasters are very hard to come by these days and so are coaster holders. After a long hunt for coasters, I finally ended up at Target and they had a pack of 4 cork coasters for about $3. I couldn’t find a holder for the coasters and this is where I had to get creative. I found solid colored plastic bowls in the section where the kid dinnerware stuff was and I ended up purchasing that for a $1. Then I went to Micheal’s and purchased mod podge, the smallest bottle was about $3.50 and the brushes and sponges I needed to complete this project were $1.50.

Here is my final project! I hope my brother likes them!!!!!




What you will need to complete this project:

Comic Book


Coaster Holder, I used a plastic bowl (optional)

Mod Podge

Brushes, Sponges


All I did was trace and cut the pictures I wanted to use out of the comic book to fit each coaster. I then took the mod podge and a sponge and spread the mod podge on the cork coaster. I placed the pictures on top of the mod podge to glue it down. I used my fingers to gently rub out any air bubbles or wrinkles as best as I could. I let the pictures dry about 20-30 minutes for each coaster. Then I did about 3 layers of mod podge on top of each picture on the coasters to seal them, waiting until each layer was dry before applying the next one. Then I cut out more pictures for the bowl and repeated the same process as the coasters.

Here is the website for the coasters. I did mine differently. I actually purchased coasters to make it easier.

Happy Gifting,