Thankful 30

Day 26 (Nov 26): Today I am thankful for music. I love music!!! I listen to all kinds of music and even certain country songs have grown on me LOL
I guess that what happens to you when you live in the south and have a country bumpkin for a best friend!!! Hahahaha
I love to sing it makes me happy so I jam out and sing all the time. I’m sure it drives people crazy sometimes, but hey atleast I don’t sound bad if I do say so myself, I’m easy on the ears 😉 And if anyone thinks that’s bad throw my brother in the mix with some Rock Band and the two of us take it to a whole another level!!! Hahahaha
Happy Tuesday everyone! Only 2 more days til Turkey Day!!

Love, Stephanie


2 thoughts on “Thankful 30

  1. So glad you just put me on blast by calling me a country bumpkin!! Lol. Every country girl needs a city friend and that is us for sure!

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