Ground Beef Stroganoff

Today has been a day of using up a few things in my refrigerator. Earlier I made muffins with leftover coconut milk and tonight the ingredient of choice was sourcream. I thought to myself Stroganoff would be good, but all I have is ground beef. I dont have the typical beef tips to use for this dish. So thanks to Google, I just typed in recipes with sourcream and groundbeef and I checked a few them out until I came upon one particular one that was really easy. All I needed to buy was some egg noodles. Technically, I didn’t have to, I could have made due with rice, but what’s stroganoff without egg noodles right?? So, I’m following the recipe and then I got a brilliant idea!!! Red wine would make this dish fabulous and give it the finishing touch it needs to be even more delish!! I go in my pantry throw in some red wine, voila, perfection!! Besides, everyone knows alcohol makes everything more yummy!! Lol

Here is the recipe and if you are going to try it I would definitely add the red wine 🙂



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