Thankful 30

Day 16 (Nov 16): Today I’m thankful for my healthy strong immune system. I’m going to tell you a funny story about what happened to me last night, now just so you know this is a judgement free zone, SO…. DON’T JUDGE ME after reading it LOL!!!

Ok, so here we go.

Like I said yesterday I have a dog sitting job this weekend. The lady really didn’t have food for me to eat here, it’s going on 7:30 pm and I’m hungry. I get in my car drive to the nearest Publix and low and behold nothing is there. No appealing sushi and in the Deli all they had was whole rotisserie chickens and I didn’t want a sub. So I drive to the next Publix. They have chicken wings and thought to myself, ok I’ll buy these it’s enough food for today and tomorrow. I buy them $10 later, the lady asks me if I want a bag and I say no….(keep that mind). I get in my car and start munching away all the way back. I pull in the driveway close the box of wings not so well obviously bc I get out of the car start walking to the door and the next thing I know ALL OF MY WINGS ARE ON THE FLOOR, YES THE DRIVEWAY GROUND!! I said practically every word in the book as I pick them up by the handfuls and throw them back in the box. And I go back to my childhood days and say God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt and well as we know yes the 5-10 sec rule still applies here!!! I paid $10 for those wings and I be damned if I was throwing those bad boys away!!! So I sat at the table and ate somemore washed them down with a drink and guess what I’M STILL ALIVE!! Now if I would have said yes to that bag like the lady asked, I wouldn’t have been in the above situation, but hey you live and you learn. So, I guess my immune system was in full gear last night fighting off tons of germs!!! Lol, now you guys are probably saying ewwww, or judging me, but don’t act like if that was you, you wouldn’t have done the same thing. Don’t lie!! 😉 Judgement free zone remember….Lol  Heck after teaching preschool for so many years and being a dog washer in the back of van for a traveling groomer for a summer, nothing phases me and I  probably have eaten worse than a little sand!! Hope you all enjoyed my story. Happy Saturday 🙂

Love, Stephanie


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