Thankful 30

Day 13 (Nov 13): Today is a very special day!! It’s my mommy’s birthday!!! Today I want to say Happy Birthday to her and also that I’m thankful for her! I’m very thankful for my mom. She is the best mom in the whole entire world. I couldn’t have gotten a better one. Yeah,  we have had our ups and downs, and life has been very rough along the way. But even in those extremely rough times my mom never gave up. She always put my brother and myself first and always made sure that we didn’t go without anything. She is selfless, caring, giving, and the most loving person ever. She did her best with what she had and what she knew back then. She molded my brother and myself into the people we are today and I must say she did a pretty good damn job!! Thank you mom for always being there for me and giving me everything I needed and wanted….for the most part lol. I love you with all my heart! I hope you enjoy your day even though I can’t spend it with you. I just wanted you to know today that I’m thankful for you and everything you have done for me. Love you Mommy and again have a Very Happy Birthday!!! Xoxoxoxo

Love, Stephanie


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