Thankful 30

Day 9 (Nov 9): Today I am thankful for my 4 legged children. I have 2 cats and 1 dog. Although on mornings like today when I just want to sleep in and my dog decides that she wants to wake me up and go outside at 7 am , I could kill her!!! And then one of my cats who is a loud mouth decides she wants to chime in not to long after because she is hungry, yeah I could kill her too!! None the less though, I love all 3 of them with all my heart, and plus they are lucky they are super cute, that helps to ease things over!! LOL  There is nothing like the love of your animals. They love unconditionally, and are loyal no matter what. They don’t care about what you do wrong  or the mistakes you make. They are the one constant to come home to everyday. I know that as soon as I come home my dog will be at the door with her tail wagging in excitement and my cats will meow when they see my face. So I’m thankful for all 3 my babies 🙂

Love, Stephanie


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