I Am Thankful For 30 Day Challenge

Hey Everyone!!! It’s November, that fabulous month where we give thanks on that one special day of the year. Why only make it one special day though? Let’s take time out every day for the month of November  to give thanks for everything in our lives that we may over look on a daily basis. I know it’s not suppose to be reserved for one day, or maybe even a month. We are supposed to do it everyday, but life does get in the way and we sometimes forget that we have TONS to be grateful for, even in the small things!! The Lord says To Give Thanks in everything, and yes that does include trials and tribulations that come up in our lives!! Crazy, I know!!! LOL Anyways,  I found this Challenge on Facebook and thought this would be the perfect thing to participate in for this special month. It is a 30 day challenge and all you have to do is everyday for the next 30 days just write down what you are thankful for. I am 6 days behind, but that is not going to stop me. I’m going to make up for my 6 days right now!!!

Day 1 (Nov 1): Since I just got the clear to walk on my ankle again on Oct 29, Day 1 is a perfect day to start off saying that I am thankful for all my limbs and appendages. I broke my ankle on Sept 11 and was immobilized for 3 wks, then I had a walking boot for another 3 wks. In that time I have realized how important even the simplest things, like having both feet and ankles people take for granted. It was very difficult to get around and it made me realize how important every body part is and we don’t even realize or notice that until we are out one.

Day 2 (Nov 2): I am thankful for my health. I have a couple of glitches going on and could afford to shed some poundage, but for the most part I am very healthy, living, and breathing and for that I am thankful.

Day 3 (Nov3): I am thankful for the fact that I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I have had a rough couple yrs, but its been these past few months that I am really down to the wire. And even, so in this rough and dry spell I am in right now I still manage to have more than enough and the Lord constantly comes through at the last min for me and gives me what I need and more and for that I am thankful.

Day 4 (Nov 4): I am extremely thankful for my family!!!!!! Thanks to my brother, my parents, aunt, uncle and grandparents I have everything I need because of them. Love, shelter, food, and etc. I love you guys and couldn’t have asked for a better family.

Day 5 (Nov 5): I am thankful for the best Aunt in the whole entire world!!!! She manages to go over and beyond for our family!! She took the best care of me when I broke my ankle and I am very  thankful and appreciative of that!!! Thanks Aunt RoRo.

Now this brings us to Day 6 (Nov 6): I am thankful for my Stepdad George! Today is his birthday and I want to wish him a very Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for all you have done for our family and most of all just being there for when I needed someone to talk to!!! Love you man!!!

Tomorrow I will post Day 7, and each day from then on I will post something I am thankful for, it could be something big or small.

Here is the 30 day challenge take a peek and I hope everyone will join me. It’s not to late 🙂





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